Applications are now open for new fashion designers and visual artists

Location: Ideally based in Cyprus and can commute to Nicosia for relevant workshops and events

Type: Voluntary 

Duration: 6-months – until May 2024 – with an option of staying on thereafter according to future projects 

Deadline: 16th of December – 12am CY time 

About Us:

Fashion Heritage Network Cyprus (FHNC) is a dynamic and innovative fashion collective dedicated to promoting cultural heritage, sustainability, and creativity through the creation of unique fashion pieces.  The heritage of Cypriot fashion is incredibly abundant and exquisite. Our goal is to revitalize traditional Cypriot fashion techniques, embroidery, and materials, breathing new life into them and ensuring their relevance in the contemporary world while preserving their historical significance. We are a youth-led intercommunal project, with over 35 members and have showcased our work in both Cyprus and abroad. 

Our main goal is to curate an exceptional fashion show within a 6-month timeframe. We provide a platform for emerging designers and artists to collaborate and showcase their talents while embracing cultural heritage and environmental responsibility.

Description of the position:

As a Fashion Designer/Artist at FHNC, you will play a crucial role in the design and creation of fashion pieces for our upcoming fashion show. You will also have the opportunity to participate in workshops on cultural heritage and sustainability and engage in a feedback scheme with industry professionals to enhance your skills and creativity.

The 6-month programme will include:

Internal Participation: 

We strive to assist fashion designers in crafting exceptional modern creations that reflect our core principles: fashion heritage and sustainability. This is achieved through a combination of up to four workshops held in Nicosia, feedback sessions with experts from the industry, museum tours, and presentations. It is compulsory to attend all the monthly meetings organized by the Fashion & Art Coordinator as well as the meetings with the event curators. Continuous non-attendance may lead to your withdrawal from the network. Furthermore, Fashion Designers will be asked to update their coordinators on their progress and complete tasks assigned in a timely manner. 

*Please note that Fashion Designers/Artists are encouraged to explore a dual role within the network by joining another department to leverage their existing expertise or enhance their skills, such as becoming part of the media team, heritage/research team, or funding and finance team etc.  However, Fashion Designers/Artists must ensure they can dedicate sufficient time to fully engage in both of their roles. 

External Participation: 

One of FHNC’s primary objectives is to make a meaningful impact on the island and promote our mission and values. As an official FHNC Fashion Designer and Artist, you automatically become an advocate for FHNC. It is encouraged that you serve as a spokesperson for the network, raising awareness throughout the year by representing FHNC at partner events, including conferences, thrift markets, cultural festivals, and more. Your availability to attend and represent the team is crucial. Furthermore, there may be invitations to speak at events or conduct workshops for the wider community, with a specific focus on fashion sustainability and Cypriot fashion heritage throughout the island. You should be prepared to attend these events, and advanced notice will be provided. A minimum of 2-3 team members should participate in these events.

Overall, active participation is a must! You will be our FHNC brand ambassador!

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Fashion Design and Art Creation: Create unique and modern fashion pieces or art pieces for the upcoming fashion show. Your creations should reflect our commitment to cultural heritage and sustainability.

For the fashion designers: 

Create three sustainable garments inspired by Cypriot cultural heritage which will be presented during a fashion show. You can also create jewellery and accessories to complement your pieces. 

For the visual artists: 

Two options:

  • Create one sustainable art piece, which will be part of the fashion show installation 
  • Collaborate with a fashion designer to create accessories for their pieces 
  1. Attendance at Workshops and Meetings: Attend mandatory workshops focusing on cultural heritage and sustainability. These workshops will enhance your understanding of our mission and guide your creative process.
  2. Feedback Scheme: Participate in regular feedback sessions with industry professionals to receive constructive input on your work, fostering your growth as a designer/artist.
  3. Collaboration: Work closely with fellow designers/artists, sharing ideas, techniques, fabrics, resources, and insights to achieve our fashion show’s objectives collectively.
  4. Adherence to Deadlines: Meet project milestones and deadlines to ensure the successful completion of your fashion pieces for the show.


  1. Be a Cypriot national (a young person 21 – 35 years old) 
  2. Ideally based in Cyprus and can commute to Nicosia for relevant workshops and events (Cypriots in the diaspora are also welcome to apply but they will have to attend the workshops virtually). 
  3. A degree or diploma in Fashion/Art or other relevant fields. 
  4. At least 1-year experience as a Fashion Designer or Visual Artist. 
  5. Creativity and passion for fashion and art. 
  6. Proficient in English both in writing and speaking. 
  7. Committed to a 6-month project, including attendance at mandatory workshops and feedback sessions. In the event of unavoidable absence, a valid reason must be provided.
  8. Be a team player and can work collaboratively with a diverse team of designers, artists, and industry professionals.
  9. An understanding of Cypriot cultural heritage and sustainable design and a willingness to learn more about these two subjects. 
  10. Work in partnership with the social media team and share with them both general content about yourself and behind-the-scenes content such as photos and videos showcasing your design process, sneak peeks, video interviews, and Instagram takeovers. 
  11. Complete the task provided. (in the other document) 


– Portfolio Enhancement: The opportunity to add unique, culturally inspired, and sustainable fashion pieces to your portfolio.

– Be a part of a momentous event: The first-ever youth-led fashion show inspired by Cypriot cultural heritage 

Priority Access to relevant events and conferences 

Networking: Connect with industry professionals and fellow designers/artists both national and international.

Skill Development: Gain insights and feedback from experts in the field.

Extensive Media Exposure: Your work will be showcased in the press such as TV, newspapers, magazines and online websites. 

Attend monthly social meet-ups with the whole team 

– Be a part of a growing and energetic community who are creating a meaningful impact on the island 

– Resources Availability: We have both offline and online resources available for team members to use  

– Certificate of Participation 

Financial Terms and Conditions: 

Upon joining the network, fashion designers and artists will be required to pay a small annual fee, which will be applied next year. 

Other Important Notes: 

  • All communication will be in English 
  • Most communication is done virtually via Discord. 
  • Virtual team meetings will always occur on weekdays during the evenings or weekends. 
  • Internal in-person workshops will take place on the weekends. 
  • Fashion Designers and Visual Artists are encouraged to keep their pieces ( or at least some of their pieces) available until the end of September 2024 for future exhibition opportunities that may arise. 
  • Given the predominant fashion focus of the project, we have limited space for visual artists, as our priority is to integrate more fashion designers into the project.
  • The FHNC will not cover any fabric or any other related expenses. 

How to Apply:

Kindly complete the Application Form, providing responses to questions and submitting your resume, completed task, and work portfolio.

Download the task brief

Our team will thoroughly review all applications, and you will receive an email notification of your application status by December 31st.

 If you have any questions, please email us at

Application Deadline: 16th of December at 12am