Hear from our fashion designers and visual artists as they reflect on their journey within the vibrant community of the Fashion Heritage Network Cyprus.

Rengin Akcan

“FHNC has helped me connect with like-minded individuals in the industry and proved that we could accomplish great things in Cyprus and worldwide. The events we prepared helped my work to gain popularity and created great opportunities such as presenting our designs in London to a wider audience. I am so grateful to be part of such an inspirational team from designers to PR, events to marketers and every other member of the team. I cannot wait to complete another full year with our FHNC.”

Valentina Koutsoudis

“I have really enjoyed being part of the FHNC team for the past year. It has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and network with other likeminded Cypriot creatives alongside making new friends. The team at FHNC are very open minded, respectful and all actively listen to each other. It is a safe space to express your creative process and it has given me the opportunity and confidence to explore my Cypriot heritage further through fashion and sustainability. As one of the fashion designers, being part of the team offers many exciting opportunities, allowing you to gain the recognition you deserve and gives you the chance to showcase your work to the public.”

Kassandra Baker 

“Fashion Heritage Network Cyprus has encouraged me to explore my creativity and develop my own style. It has also allowed me to come into communication with like-minded individuals who are able to expand and develop our understanding of heritage and sustainability to a further level while also encouraging peace within the island. It has also helped me believe in my abilities as an artist thus increasing my confidence in my daily life since it has broadened the scope of my work to respectable institutions.”


“Fashion Heritage Network Cyprus has empowered Folkmona by offering a platform to display our work and connect with a welcoming, creative community. This incredible network not only opened doors to networking but also allowed us to connect with like-minded individuals, gain a supportive following, and most importantly, increase our visibility to a wider audience.”

Antgone Papageorgiou (eightisforthetry)

“FHNC helped me understand the potential that my project has by connecting emotionally again with my own clothing and expressing myself through them, the team taught me the ethicality of creating my wardrobe with our cultural sustainable practices and inevitably influence in me a new sense of value and care towards designing that I personally lost before. It also connected me with other wonderful artists and designers that helped me maintain my new sense of value and encourage me to move on creatively that’s something I will always be grateful for.”

Michalis Pantelidis

“Fashion Heritage Network Cyprus helped me to increase my sales and take my fashion business to the next level with a 2000% sales increase. I am extremely grateful that they provide us a platform to showcase our work and they support us with Press, exhibitions, and guidance which helps us to grow and develop ourselves within the fashion industry. Also, FHNC helped us to network with other like-minded creatives and create a community that supports us. They also inspired me to have a closer look at our rich, Cypriot heritage and create pieces that celebrate it.”

Danae Patsalou

“FHNC has been a fantastic platform, bringing together young, inspiring creatives from across Cyprus. Through these connections, I’ve had the chance to work on some exciting projects with them. This experience has been a valuable source of personal growth, and I’m truly thankful for every moment of it. Furthermore, FHNC has also provided me with the opportunity to showcase my work to a broader audience, expanding the reach of my creative endeavors. What’s more, it has enabled me to display my work to a wider audience, broadening the exposure of my creative projects.”

Anna Michaelidou / Yiavri mou

“Joining “Fashion Heritage Network Cyprus” was the highlight of 2023 for me as a designer and for my brand.
I had the opportunity to showcase my work at the “Revive” exhibition in Cyprus and London.
This opportunity massively helped in growing my small business, which is still at its infancy, as I introduced my brand “yiavri mou” and expanded my network.
Their work is so important as it creates opportunities for young artists and designers across Cyprus, to introduce and exhibit their work and brings together both communities.
FHNC also aims to bring youth closer to Cypriot Heritage, which is evanescing as well as the concept of sustainability, which is increasingly prominent and significant.”

Ilkan Koral

“Being a Cypriot living abroad FHNC helped me to reconnect with my origins. Collaborating with young designers and artists encouraged me to create and be part of the community. Both exhibition in Cyprus and UK let us meet with many professionals in fashion business. We had opportunity to create and innovate where captured interest of many People. I am glad that I am part of the community and I am looking forward for the further events.”

Sukufe Emirtaneoglu

“FNCH helped me to boost my social and cultural awareness and created a space form my self-improvement which allowed me to create my artworks inspired by Cypriot Culture. Thanks to FNCH, past year two exhibitions were held in Nicosia and London. Both of them helped me as an artist to connect with people from the art world and interested parties, also created an opportunity to showcase my artwork and my portfolio. I am pleased, excited and also proud to be part of the community group which is full of original, creative and young Cypriots.”

Irene Panayi

“FHNC gave me the great opportunity to show my work through an awesome exhibition and through all the media and social media. It has also brought me the chance to meet great artists from all over the island and the world. For me FHNC is our chance to turn to our roots and follow the sustainable way our grandparents where living.”